The Republicans have taken control of the United States House of Representatives, but the Democrats retain control of the Senate.  Barack Obama's next 2 years are going to be interesting, as the Republicans will block his agenda and attempt to repeal some of the laws that were passed in the previous session of congress, mainly, healthcare.

However, there will be a lot of gridlock in congress, the president has veto power, and I predict no significant moves on legislation in the next 2 years.  The blame game will ensue, and no real agenda will be effectively put forward by either party.  Obama will run for a second term against a now, unknown Republican (and possibly Democratic) challenger(s). 

I predict Obama can blame the congress as a "do nothing" congress over the next two years, and will squeak out re-election in 2012.  The congressional races will be close, and the Dems will retain Senate control in 2012, and will win back some of the seats lost in 2010, but to no majority.

It's probably healthy for the government to have the checks and balances in place, as when one party dominates the government and rams through their agenda, hard feelings result and there is little or no dialogue.  Hopefully, we will get dialogue in this congress, cooperation, and compromise.  It has been done before in the American government, and reaching across the aisle should be the tone rather than demonizing the opposition.

But, it's Washington D. C., and it's "business as usual".  Let's just hope that unemployment goes down, we create sensible jobs and prepare for the future.  Let's stop outsourcing jobs to other countries, produce goods in America, and get down to the business of educating our children, creating jobs, having a safe and clean environment, and maintain a pre-eminent place in the international community.

--James P. Zaworski
8/8/2012 01:08:58 am

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