I returned to Shenzhen from my trip to the USA about the third week in August, tried to recover from the jet lag and time difference, prepare and teach some lessons to my students, and get ready to say good bye to Shenzhen, at least for now.
My girlfriend and I have been temporarily separated, I have been separated from my friends, and my home of the previous four years.  Why did I come to Macau?  Well, for a challenge, and a career opportunity to return to university teaching again.

I arrived about August 25th, and got set up: apartment, health check, work visa processing, meeting colleagues, the boss, material for my courses, general induction and orientation for new teachers, and my schedule.  I got phone access and internet access about September 1st, which was the first official day of my contract.

Today is September 5th, and I have just completed my first day of teaching two, two-hour classes to 25 and 37 students respectively.  I feel exhilarated!  I'm currently in a Japanese/Korean restaurant near my apartment complex, enjoying some incredible tuna and salmon sashimi, nice kimchi, and an Asahi beer.  

Today was a good day.
9/11/2011 12:46:06 am

life is a gamble .jia you ! honey !


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