Human Dignity and Respect: A Right That Should be Conferred on All.I think that human beings should be, without let nor hindrance, given and conferred upon, the dignity and respect that we should all desire.

I'm tired of seeing injustice, inequality, and maltreatment of people in this world.

I decided long ago not to be one who doles out this kind of treatment to others, and try to treat everyone with respect and dignity.  But I'm not a stone cold person who lacks humor or a sense of fun.  I'm happy to help, and to be kind and do what I can for my friends.

I expect nothing in return, but do not expect disrespect nor require insults.

I met with a corpulent and flatulently fake former friend yesterday, and he decided to insult me in his diatribe praising others who had taken up my mantle since my departure.  Alas, my former friend, I wish you the best.
However, I shall not be the one to provide it any longer.  But I wish you the best in your solitary and unfortunate solitude.

Dignity is ours.

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