Here is a picture from last week of a "big sun" sunny day in Shenzhen.
Well, we did it!  It took three days, and eight separate trips to move from our apartment of three years to the new apartment.  Here is a photo of me toasting and eating between the seventh and eighths (final) move to the new place.  More photos will follow.

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The first warm Sunday of the year was last week.  I photographed these two tuckered out fellahs as they snoozed in a public square near Hou Hai, Nan Shan, Shenzhen about 2 PM on the 13th of March, 2010.

Typhoon Megi veered east and north, and hit Fujian and Taiwan instead of Guangdong.

Also, we had a fun opening night party at the Gong Wu Gong Yuan "Le Elite" Center in Shenzhen's Coco Park.
I've been hired to teach, and possibly manage, at a new school here in Shenzhen.
Burger King has arrived in Shenzhen!  My girlfriend and I have visited it this evening for a whopper and a whopper jr.  It was packed full on this Sunday night, and has wireless internet, all of the Burger King items on the American menu but also has some things you cannot get on the menu in the United States, such as spicy chicken wings, cheesy chicken ban ban, and Heineken Beer.  

Burger King is already in Hong Kong, and is now making inroads into mainland China.  As an American in China, I welcome this as Burger King's whopper always tasted better to me than McDonald's Big Mac.  However, McDonald's French Fries always seemed better than Burger King's French Fries.

The Burger King here came just as the Subway departed, due to lack of business because of it's location.

We hiked up the 4 km trail to the top of Praying Mantis, or Tang Lang, Mountain on Thursday.  It's a moderately strenuous hike to get to the top, and there are groves of lychee trees along the way.  Red eyed bulbuls, cuckoos, and a few other species of birds were to be seen on the way.  True to its name, we found a foam nest of the praying mantis on a lychee tree at the base of the mountain.   At the top, I found an impressive toad, and wish to rename the mountain "toad mountain".    The mountain rises to 430 meters above sea level.  We even saw a cute snail on the trail.  See photos below.
I just bought some fresh apricots to enjoy in these waning days of April.

Last night, went for Dongbei BBQ with my girls.

Sunday finds me relaxing after cooking Italian sausage with fresh tomato, zucchini, sweet pepper and garlic.

The weather is cool, unusual for Shenzhen.