I am back home in the USA to visit family, friends, and do a little busy business.  It's July 23rd, Friday, and I got back here on Tuesday the 20th, so exhausted, severely jet lagged, but intact.  

It's good to be back, but I miss my girl in China.

I also turned forty five on the fourteenth of July, so I'm now officially old.  Mid life crisis, here I come!

Wednesday saw us bucking 104 bales of hay for my sister's horse fodder for the year in 90 degree heat.  That tuckered me out pretty severelly, then I hang out with the nephews and nieces and yucked it up.  We went and got chicken at the white fence farm and then serious sweet corn from Glascock's and had a nice dinner, then got a bottle of red wine and relaxed for the rest of the night.

Thursday saw me starting to reduce a huge branch from a mulberry tree that had fallen down in my mother's yeard perhaps two months ago.  I cut off some branches and hauled them to the periphery of the property, and will do a little bit of that every day.

Today, I have to call about my visa, make arrangements to send up my passport and ship out some things that I sold this week on amazon.com (a dvd series box set, a cd and a software suite), so I made $200 this week, woo hoo!  Also twenty bucks for buckin' hay.

Next will see us go out to see my sister in Iowa and maybe go see my brother in Wisconsin and another brother in Michigan.

7/23/2010 10:46:32 pm

I miss you to buji


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