May is coming to a close soon.  I'll be off to Hong Kong this weekend to do some shopping and get my eyes checked.  I think it is time for some new glasses, and I haven't had an eye check since April, 2007.  My mother and father both had glaucoma, a genetic disease that builds up pressure on the eye, and one brother is diagnosed with it.  He told me that he, despite having treatments, has some blind spots now in his vision.  I had 'an episode' last week, where I felt great pressure in my eyes, and had about five minutes of a feeling that I was straining to look through a tunnel, so I think it is time to get my eyes checked out.
Glaucoma leads to blindness unless treated, so I better get my eyes to Hong Kong to get them checked out before its too late!  Why Hong Kong?  Well, the eye doctors there can speak English!  (One of my students, Natasha, just got her contact lenses there, and recommended the place highly, an American company called LensCrafters, I've used them before.)