Dancing on the Tip of a Pin.

Dancing on the Tip of a Pin,
I balance and turn, and spin,
As I turn I smile, and grin,
Only will tell if I win

Every day is a fight,
To do what is good, and right,
Day can become night,
And black can become white

Life can both be,
What you make,
And what you see,
But for your own sake,
You should be free

Don't balance,
Or dance,
On the tip of a pin,
Because you may fall off,
And hurt your shin
I have just completed my first full month of teaching in my new university lecturer position in Macau.  It is a lovely job, the students are great, my colleagues are kind and thoughtful, and the location is superb!  Below are photos from my experience there.  The only thing missing is my girlfriend, who works in Shenzhen.  I am currently in Shenzhen visiting her, and the first photo is she and I from yesterday, China's National Day.  I love you and will miss you, my honey!

--James Paul Zaworsk