A volcanic eruption in Iceland has grounded more than 3000 flights from European countries, such as the UK, Ireland and Norway.  Mother earth is certainly more powerful than puny business and pleasure travel!

Earthquakes in Haiti, Chile and China have left hundreds of thousands dead.  However, if you compare the magnitude of each quake, the more developed the country, despite the larger magnitude the earthquake, the lesser death toll results.  Smaller earthquakes in poor countries can have a huge death toll, such as Haiti.  China's recent earthquake was 6.9, and killed at least 760, but that will probably rise.

Is it unusual?  Not really.  The earth is active, and there are always earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and the like.  It's just that the news reports on them more, and that information can be shared instantaneously, plus we have more people living on this planet

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A good article at the BBC News Website http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/8620129.stm), discusses that the two Chinese earthquakes, Sichuan and Qinghai, are not on the same fault line.  The former was a "thrust" event, and the latter was a "strike/slip" event.

However, both events do relate to India collidin
A 6.9 magnitude earthquake has struck Qinghai, China.  So far, the death toll is 300, but expected to rise.  It is a mountainous and impoverished area, and there are reports that many of the buildings have been destroyed in some of the larger cities.
April has proven to be an interesting month.  With a little help from some friends, I've been hooked up with what looks like a good chance and opportunity.  

In the news, there have been earthquakes, historical remembrances and tragic news stories.

On April 10, 2010, the Polish President, Lech Kacynski, and a delegation of top Polish government and military officials died in a plane crash near Smolensk, Russia.  As an American of Polish descent, I was moved by this story, and as a student and degree holder in history, with a keen interest in geopoltics and Polish history, I commented on the news story on the BBC website's "Have Your Say" section.

Someone was reading, and they asked me for an interview, which I agreed to, as one with a unique "expert perspective" on the subject.

Now, I'm off to work...