Well, we did it!  It took three days, and eight separate trips to move from our apartment of three years to the new apartment.  Here is a photo of me toasting and eating between the seventh and eighths (final) move to the new place.  More photos will follow.

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The first warm Sunday of the year was last week.  I photographed these two tuckered out fellahs as they snoozed in a public square near Hou Hai, Nan Shan, Shenzhen about 2 PM on the 13th of March, 2010.

The earthquake in Japan, 9.0 in magnitude and the resulting tsunami has killed more than six thousand, and put the nuclear power plant at Fukushima into near meltdown to possibly total meltdown.  

We live in precarious times, but the main thing is that we shouldn't panic and act selfishly, even though those impulses are completely natural.  

The world is in a mess, and order is what is needed and peace, and human rights.  The trouble in the Middle East is indicative of this statement.
They Have Converted my Chinese Friend to Christianity (Oh, the Insanity).

They have converted my Chinese friend to Christianity,

To believe a man, born of a virgin, nailed to a tree, and raised from the dead,

Oh, the insanity!

To believe that a frog or a lizard is god,

Frogality or lizardity, or Christianity…..oh the absurdity!

Proselytes prey on the meek,

They prey on the weak,

Seven days a week,

They search and seek.

My ideas and my thought,

Can never be sold or bought,

For those who seek to buy or sell,

I think that they can go to hell!

Intolerance can only be countered by education and cultural relativism. Ethocentrism is the continual enemy of diversity.--James Zaworski