The Rat in the Stairway; A Poem


James Zaworski
A rat last night we saw,

Sneaky and bold,

In the stairway we walked,

To go into the cold

From the ninth to the eighth floor,

By the garbage and the door,

A large,black rat,

As big as a cat

He ran around the corner,

And snuggled down the first step,

Soon I was upon the former,

And he bounded down the steps

Never letting us get a good look or picture,

The rat was always ahead one flight,

Into the dark,

And out of the light

Finally to the first floor we came,

And he was gone,

To the basement or outside,

It was all the same

The rat as big as a cat,

In my stairway,

In China,

Where the people are many,

The garbage is great,

And the rats are more,

By my stairway door

1/13/2011 02:07:19 am

That's fucking great !

1/13/2011 02:42:42 am

Oh..god! So big rats..

1/13/2011 08:06:33 pm

xiao shu zi


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