I have had a week of being given the "run around" for this job at a boarding school in Nansha, Guangdong.  I interviewed, demo'ed, and met important people but it became increasingly clear that this job was not what it was supposed to be.  The job description was to teach 15 classes a week to a small group of students, maybe 15-20 students.  In just one day, the work description was changed to include another 80 students, and unclear as to how many classes there were to teach.  Then, not from the managers nor recruiters, I learned from another two teachers that there was no program, no curriculum written.
It was becoming very clear that I would have to write the curriculum, not only for one program, but for two programs, as well as teach all of the classes.  Further, they were reluctant to sponsor my work visa.  

So, in the end, I declined their job offer.  They only wanted a foreign face who would be a virtual slave to represent their company.
The company in question was going to be subcontracting to the high school.  Both shall remain nameless here.

I believe I made the right decision.

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