We've rented for 2.5 years this little apartment, and have been trouble free tenants.  However, the fridge which came as part of the furnished apartment, has seen better days.  My gf went ahead and put a call in to the landlords, and asked if we could get it replaced, and while they were at it, we've been with one old, air conditioner located in the bedroom, and had to sweat it out in the Shenzhen heat in the living room.

They have generously agreed to add these, but there are complications with th e installation of the air conditioner.  The items were delivered this afternoon, and the problem is that the 'engineers', that is, unskilled 'workmen' from the Haier Company, refused to install the A/C unit saying that the drainage hole was too high on the wall.  Citing this, they wanted to cut a hole a mere three inches below the existing drainage hole.  They don't seem to be able to think outside of the box, such as modifying the length of the drain tube to accommodate the length of the hole!

So, instead of trying, the workmen 'gave up', causing the landlords to visit and lots of consternation, and undo frustration on my part.

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