There was a gas leak in our kitchen in our apartment yesterday.  My girlfriend cooked lunch at 2 PM-3 PM.  Little did we know that the gas had sprung a leak near to the stove (from corrosion),   It was a super hot day here in Shenzhen, so I closed both doors to the kitchen (one leads outside to the hot porch, the other to the air conditioned living room).  Fortunately for us, though we stayed in the apartment for another 4 or 5 hours before going out to dinner, we did not succumb to the gas.  At 8:30, we went out for some Guangdong style food, and returned with a couple of beers and duck neck at about 9:30.  I went to the kitchen and smelled the strong smell of gas, so I opened the door to the porch to areate the room, and we called building security to make sure that things were not going to blow.  

We have read that a slight spark from a light switch or electrical outlet would be all that is needed to explode a gas leak.
and so we are really lucky.  At about 5 PM, I had made coffee from my coffee machine, which often sparks when turned on or off.

So, we had to wait until this morning that the gas company could come and assess the problem, and make sure the valve cut off the gas flow.

Tomorrow, an additional technician will come to replace the faulty pipe and valve system, so that we can cook again.

My gf's father tried to save a baby bird yesterday, but the bird died in the evening.  My gf's grandmother thinks that the bird had to die to save our lives.  It's a pretty good exchange, but the idea isn't exactly scientific.

The reading of events and omens is the provender of the Yi Qing and the traditional.  But who knows?  Maybe there is more to life than meets the eye.

9/12/2012 05:36:43 pm

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