I am proud to report that I contributed 75 trees for Earth Day:  50 trees were planted in the Atlantic Rainforest by the Nature Conservancy's "Plant a billion trees" project and 25 trees for reforestation in a national forest of the United States via Arbor Day Foundation.

I've been a member of the Nature Conservancy for 25 years, and have participated three times in their "Plant a Billion Trees" project in the past two years (for a total of 100 trees,(25+25+50).

Prior to this, I planted some 150 trees on my former property in southern Illinois, some 1000 trees on my father's property in Joliet, Illinois, and also about another 1000 trees in the Nature Conservancy's restoration of the Lower Cache River in southern Illinois as volunteer work in the spring of 1996.

I think that my 2000+ trees have more than neutralized my carbon footprint, and yours as well.

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